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With the inception of the worldwide web, it has changed the way that people do business. It used to be that business was done face to face, mano-a-mano, yet now we are able to connect and work with people half a world away. Rocket Cash Cycler, is the unique money making system designed by professional marketers and business entrepreneurs, to maximize the benefits gained online. The business offers a comprehensive package of products, while bringing you into the folds of a unique hybrid compensation plan.

Follow our growing team as we explain the basics behind RCC and how you can unlock your business and financial potential.

How it works:

Every company is founded on an idea or concept, each providing different benefits. Below are some of the factors that separate Rocket Cash Cycler from the rest.

No monthly Fees

75% of the online businesses require monthly payments to ensure your qualification for their various compensation plans. Your membership to Rocket Cash Cycler on the other hand is based upon a onetime payment of $315, after which you never have to pay another dime. Don’t worry though, with this initial payment you qualify for life, being able to move through the matrices again and again.

In addition RCC provides a comprehensive e-library, leads generator software and a quality landing page for no extra cost. This gives you everything you need to become successful and grow in this business.

Hand in Hand

Never fear being left behind. With the unique approach to our very own hybrid system, RCC ensures that your position will never be lost. As you progress through the boards you follow directly along behind your sponsor from the 2×3 to the elevated 2×2 matrices. This is the crucial factor in maximising your financial potential.

Qualify for Income

Once you’ve gotten your position on the board you are technically qualified to earn income. One of the unique features of RCC is that when you personally enroll one or two people you have the ability to jump other individuals who have not. This means you get to the pay line that much faster!

There are four colours of rockets; grey, green, blue, and red

gray-rocket The Grey rockets sit at the bottom of the matrix, representing the spots yet to be filled.
green-rocket The green rocket is what you will see when you first enroll into RCCv1. Though you will qualify for commissions you can be jumped by blue and red rockets.
blue-rocket The Blue rocket is seen when you have personally sponsored one other person. You are able to jump past green rockets on your way to the payline.
red rocket The red rocket is when you have personally sponsored two other people. You are able to jump past both blue and green rockets and qualify for the pay line

Spill Over

Brought in more than two people? No worries. Spill over enables you to help the other team members in ‘breaking the board’ and receiving commissions. For more information see Pay Plan.

Unique Business Plan

It’s not every day that you witness a new system to online money making. Yet Rocket Cash Cycler does just this. By combining both the 2×3 and 2×2 matrix/cycler systems together, RCC is reaching into an untapped potential. This unique system allows for easier qualifications, commissions, and greater potential to make money.

Valuable Products

With your initial payment you receive an extensive package of amazing products.

Upon enrollment to Rocket Cash Cycler you gain access to an online library of 150+ audio/digital books written by best-selling authors. These can easily be streamed online, or downloaded onto your computer as a media or mp3 files. For those people on the go, all of these files can be transferred to any selection of digital media devices from mp3 players to e-readers.

The second is a Skype based product called XSky. Created by the founder of Rocket Cash Cycler, Todd Hirsch, this program is a great solution to keeping your Skype contacts in order.

The last and final program is called Sky Scraper. Again a Skype based program, Sky Scraper enables a person to connect with like-minded people. Whether your passion is in teaching, writing, sales or more, this product allows you to increase you networking circle. You can create customer lists, awareness groups, or organizing business contacts; keeping your businesses running along smoothly.

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